Dental implants are a fantastic solution to the problems caused by tooth damage or tooth loss. The benefits of dental implants easily outpace other options, like traditional dentures or snap-in dentures, but we’ve noticed that many patients are worried about the cost. We understand that concern, especially considering the wide range of pricing patients see for dental implants.

Below, we’ll talk about the unique pricing America’s First Dental Implant Centers offers, and how that compares to the national average cost of dental implants. We’ll also discuss the pricing of different kinds of dental implant procedures, and what is included in our all-inclusive implant pricing.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of your dental implants will depend on the specific procedure you need. Generally, you’ll consider either the cost of single implants or the cost of full-arch replacements.

Dental Implant Cost Per Tooth

The national average cost for a single dental implant is $3,000- $6,000. If patients only need to replace a single tooth or very few teeth, single implants may be a good option. For patients who need entire rows of teeth replaced, per-tooth implant costs quickly become prohibitively expensive, which is why many of our patients choose full-arch replacements.

4-On-1 Full Arch Dental Implants / Full-Arch Fixed Implant Bridge Cost

4-on-1 Full Arch dental implants (often called full-arch replacements or fixed implant bridges) are an implant procedure where four implants are used to replace an entire row of teeth. The average cost for this procedure ranges between $25,000-$40,000 per row of teeth. In comparison, our cost is only $14,950 per row of teeth for the same treatment.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Full Mouth Of Dental Implants In Florida?

The average cost for dental implants in Florida is slightly higher than the national average. Patients can expect to pay between $25,000 – $45,000 per row of teeth, with pricing often leaning towards the higher end of that range. Our oral surgeons are specialists in 4-on-1 full arch dental implants, which is why we can offer a per-arch pricing of $14,950.

Are Dental Implants Affordable?

If you only look at the national average pricing, it can feel like dental implants are far out of your financial reach. There are specific reasons why the pricing looks expensive compared to other procedures, but dental implants offer health benefits that are unsurpassed by other solutions (e.g., dentures). Many patients are surprised to see how financially accessible dental implants might be.

Dental Implants Are Medical Devices

Unlike getting a tooth filled, pulled, or receiving other minor dental procedures, dental implants are a medical device. They are designed specifically for your mouth and are made with high-end, biocompatible materials to work seamlessly with your body.

A high level of expertise is required to design, manufacture, and place your dental implants, more so than for other dental procedures such as fillings, root canals, or removable dentures.  

Can You Get Dental Implants For Cheap?

You can find a wide range of dental implant pricing, with many offering deals that seem too good to be true. Deceptive pricing and cutting corners are common tactics to advertise a low price. Here are some common tactics to watch out for:

Concealing the True Cost

Many offices will conceal the true cost of the procedure by adding surprise costs and fees down the road. For example, it’s common to see an advertised price that doesn’t include the permanent crown or the surgery. These are two of the largest costs in getting dental implants and excluding them is a dishonest way to advertise a low price.

Low Grade Materials

Low grade materials are another way an office may have too-good-to-be-true pricing. Many will choose acrylic or porcelain for your fake teeth, which are less expensive, lower quality materials. They are more prone to chipping and being damaged, and acrylic is porous, which allows bacteria to grow and create terrible smells. Some offices will also use low-grade implants (screws), which is more likely to lead to implant failure.

If you want high-quality titanium implant and zirconia crown/bridge (high-grade materials that are already included in our upfront pricing), you’ll have to pay an additional fee at many other dental offices.

Not Using a Qualified Oral Surgeon

A dental office may offer a low price because a qualified oral surgeon isn’t performing the surgery. A general dentist does not have the same qualifications as an oral surgeon, since an oral surgeon will have several years of additional study that includes a surgery residency. If you see labels like “implantologist”, take caution as this title requires very little study or qualification to achieve; “implantology” is not recognized as a dental specialty in the US or other countries.    

You should always look for dental offices that use qualified oral surgeons and offer an all-inclusive, upfront cost, like America’s First Dental Implant Centers.

What’s Involved In the Cost For Dental Implants?

While some offices (like ours) will offer all-inclusive pricing that covers the entire dental implant procedure, from the initial consultation to the final fitting of your new teeth, many others do not. Oftentimes, dental offices will advertise the price for the dental implant (the titanium screw that goes into the jawbone) without including the cost of the actual surgery or the cost of the crown. Below, you’ll find some items that are covered by our all-inclusive upfront pricing, which may or may not be covered by the initial pricing of other dental offices.


In the initial consultation, our doctor will determine which specific procedure is right for you. Remember, you may only need one or two dental implants, but if you have several missing or damaged teeth, they may recommend a full-arch replacement. Consultations typically include 3D CT scan and x-rays. And so even if the consultation (the office visit itself) is advertised as free, 3D CT scans and x-rays can add hundreds of dollars to the price tag and are usually are not included in the upfront pricing of dental implants. 

At America’s First Dental Implant Centers, the consultation, x-rays, and 3D CT scans are free.

Dental Implant Surgery

You’ll undergo surgery to place your dental implants, regardless of whether you receive single implants or full-arch replacements. If needed, teeth will be extracted during the surgery, after which titanium screws will be placed into your jawbone. A temporary bridge will be placed onto the implants during the surgery for 4-on-1 full arch procedures, and your permanent teeth will be placed after your mouth has healed.

Tooth extractions are often extra charges and not included in advertised pricing (ranging from $300-600 per tooth), which is why some offices’ initial pricing looks so low.

As mentioned, in addition to charging extra for tooth extraction, dental offices might also bill the patient a separate fee for placing the implant into the jawbone. This fee can vary from $1,500-2,500 per implant.

Finally, dental offices might also bill the patient a separate fee for the IV sedation. This typically ranges from $1,500-5,000.

At America’s First Dental Implant Centers, we are straightforward with our pricing, and our quoted fees include all teeth extractions, surgery cost, implant placement, and IV sedation. (teeth extraction, surgery cost, implant placement, and IV sedation).

Follow-Up Appointments

After the surgery, you’ll meet with your oral surgeon several times. They will check to make sure that your mouth is healing correctly, ensure there are no infections, and make sure your implants are secure and stable. . There will also be an appointment to place your permanent, new teeth after your mouth has healed.

Follow-up appointments, especially the appointment to place your new teeth, are often charged extra by other offices. Namely, many offices do not include the cost of the permanent teeth in their advertised pricing and might bill patients an additional $5,000-12,500/arch in the case of 4-on-1 full arch dental implants. Our pricing includes your permanent teeth as well as all follow-up appointments.

Optional: IV Sedation Anesthesia

Not all offices provide IV sedation anesthesia for dental implant procedures, and others have it as an optional add-on to their pricing. Paying extra for an anesthesiologist can add a significant amount of cost if it’s not included in the initial pricing. Namely, it can add an additional $1,500-5,000 to the total cost of the procedure. In contrast, all of our dental implant procedures are performed by certified oral surgeons who are trained to provide IV sedation anesthesia; as such, all of our patients are able to receive IV sedation as part of our all-inclusive pricing.  

Cost Variable: Crown Material

If an office is advertising an exceptionally low price, it may be because that price includes low-quality materials. Many bridges (which are your fake teeth) are made from acrylic, which is far more prone to chipping and breaking. Zirconia, which is a special kind of durable, strong, porcelain, is the superior choice, but is also more expensive.

The office may offer high-grade materials like zirconia, but that is billed as an upgrade from their initial pricing (e.g., charge patients and extra $5,000-12,500 for zirconia). America’s First Dental Implant Centers exclusively uses zirconia for crowns and bridges, which is a hard, durable material that looks more like real teeth. This material is included in our inclusive pricing.

Cost Variable: Location of Tooth / Teeth Being Replaced

Some offices will charge extra for replacing teeth that are in difficult, harder to reach areas. You may see an advertised price that includes the easiest teeth to access, only to be met with a higher final cost because of where your teeth were located.

Our inclusive costs covered any tooth extraction located in any part of your mouth.

Additional Cost: Bone Graft

A small proportion of patients will need bone grafts in order to receive dental implants. If your dental health is poor, your jawbone may be too thin to support the titanium screws used to anchor your new teeth. A bone graft thickens and strengthens your jawbone, allowing for implants to be securely anchored.

Bone grafts are not included in our upfront pricing since it is in itself a separate surgery. However, our oral surgeons will tell you if a bone graft is required during your initial consultation.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Even though dental implants have a seemingly high cost, patients regularly pursue the procedure over removable dentures. This is because dental implants offer benefits that other procedures don’t, making dental implants easily worth their cost in the long run.

Dental Implants Are Permanent

Dental implants are permanent solutions. Your new teeth won’t need to be replaced or refitted (as in the case of snap-in dentures), and as long as you follow basic dental hygiene and get regular dental cleanings, your implants will last a lifetime.

Dental Implants Look and Feel Like Real Teeth

You won’t have diet restrictions with dental implants. You can eat your favorite foods with confidence, and most people won’t realize that your dental implants aren’t real teeth.

Dental Implants Are Durable

As long as your implants are placed appropriately by a skilled oral surgeon, you regularly brush and floss your teeth, and you see your doctor for cleanings, your dental implants will last as long as you do. You won’t need to worry about refitting, adjustments, or bridge replacements with dental implants.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Patients often consider and compare dental implants and dentures when they have several missing or broken teeth. Dental implants and dentures, while similar, offer very different experiences for patients, with dental implants almost always being the optimal choice.

Dentures Are Not Permanent

Whether you get traditional or snap-in dentures, patients will have to replace their fake teeth. Dentures are usually made of acrylic, which is a soft material that is prone to damage and will wear down within a few years. Dentures have to be replaced every 2-5 years, and patients have to pay for those replacements.

Dental implants, in contrast, are permanent. Once your final bridge is placed, you won’t need to schedule any kind of replacement or refitting.

Dentures Are High Maintenance

Dentures – including snap-on-dentures – must be removed and cleaned nightly. The acrylic they are made of is porous, which is a breeding ground for bacteria that cause bad odors. Even with thorough cleaning, patients may find that dentures start to have a distinct, unpleasant odor.

Dental implants are less intrusive in the mouth and are made of zirconia, which isn’t porous and won’t create bad smells. All patients will need to do is brush daily, use a mouth rinse, and see a dentist for standard, regular cleanings.


  • Dr. Ryan Grider, DDS

    Dr. Grider is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon who specializes in full mouth (full arch, teeth in a day, All-on-X) dental implant procedures. Dr. Grider earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from DePauw University, majoring in Biology and Pre-medical studies. Subsequently, he went to Indiana University School of Dentistry and earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. Post dental school, Dr. Grider completed an additional 4 years of residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

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Dr. Grider is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon who specializes in full mouth (full arch, teeth in a day, All-on-X) dental implant procedures. Dr. Grider earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from DePauw University, majoring in Biology and Pre-medical studies. Subsequently, he went to Indiana University School of Dentistry and earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. Post dental school, Dr. Grider completed an additional 4 years of residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.